"In a world driven with labels and follow up expectations... Tyler's journey with autism is a truly inspirational story of success and a motivational example of how one boy would break away from the mold and become the successful man he is today. Tyler, I am excited to see the worlds you have created and be taken to them through your words and writing"     ~friend~

T Y L E R  W.  H O M E R 



I am so excited to show you the first article about my novel written by Matthew Reisler at MyMuskokanow.com.  Click on the link below to read!

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A time-travelling warrior, destined to create his future world, battles an alien invasion that seeks to destroy his planet...and conquer the universe!

It is the year 2252, and a child has been born who will change the course of existence forever. In a desperate bid to save his life so he may fulfill his destiny, the newborn Antaeyas Vie Core travels with his parents through a time vortex to the past. His mission is to transform planet Earth into his future world, called Anevaeria, so he and his people can one day save the universe from the evil Megacentarians.

As he grows from infancy to manhood, Antaeyas Vie Core takes up his mantle and prepares for his destiny. But his diabolical enemy, Lord Astronemac from the dark world of Megacentaras has vowed to eliminate him and his people. 

When Astronemac is sent back to the year 2066 to thwart Vie Core's rise to greatness, a bloody war begins that reaches through time and space. Antaeyas must fight to protect Earth and his future world from the ruthless Megacentarian invasion.

 The future collides with the past, as heroes and villains battle for supremacy---and for the fate of the universe. Witness the rise of the Anevaerian Guardian, a hero for a new world!