Tyler W. Homer

Hello! I would like to welcome you to my website! My name is Tyler and I am a writer. I am the author and creator of the self-published superhero novel called: The Anevaerian Guardian. 

T Y L E R  W.  H O M E R 

I was born in September of 1991. Ever since I could remember I have lived in-between two worlds: One being the “Real” world where we all live, and the other is “My World,” which is a complex and imaginative universe full of possibilities and wonders. In my world I see other planets, civilizations, castles, dragons, aliens, spaceships, and advanced weaponry and machines that I have forged with my imagination.

When I was very young I tried to act out my imaginary characters to get them out of my mind. Then I tried to draw them. I was very creative. I was obsessed with this and therefore was unable to learn at school for most of my educational years. I just wanted to draw and be alone. I guess that I have always been a big introvert. I had a mental block as a child, where I just couldn’t learn to read or write. It was like I always had a movie playing in my mind. Finally, when I was in grade four, I began to read words on the computer because there were superheroes there. I could click on “Superman” and a picture of him would come up. This is how I finally learned to read. Eventually, I learned how to write my ideas into stories.

I have written my novel to entertain people. I want them to be brought into another universe, world, or reality, where they can leave their problems behind and travel to these places. Hopefully, they can become lost in the accomplishments of my great heroes and the tragedies of my villains.

I have come to the realization, that in life, we never know where we are heading. But if we have a goal and a vision, we will eventually reach where we are destined to go. And that is the reason for life. I believe that everyone on this planet has a purpose, and it is in the individual to find the answers and purpose for their existence. I have found mine and it was to tell the world my stories.

                                                                                                                                                                                           - Tyler W. Homer